Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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The ñirre is a very ornamental deciduous tree due to its characteristic reddish color in autumn and the shape and silhouette that its branches and foliage can take. This species can have different forms of growth according to where it is found. In the southernmost zone it develops as a small tree or stunted shrub, while in other zones it takes on the appearance of an upright tree 20 m tall by 10 m in diameter and with a trunk 60 cm in diameter. Its bark is gray, rough and very cracked longitudinally, in an irregular shape. The leaves are small, oval, simple, alternate, with finely toothed, lobed and wavy edges.


It blooms in spring producing fruits that are made up of 3 winged nuts that ripen from March to April. Its growth is medium to fast adapting to almost any type of soil. It belongs to the division Magnoliophyta, family Nothofagaceae, 

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