Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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Pellin Oak


The Oak, Hualle or Pellín is an imposing deciduous tree that can reach 40 m in height by 20 m in diameter and 2 m in diameter in the trunk. Its trunk is cylindrical, straight, with thick, dark brown bark with deep cracks, forming round plates on old trees and light gray on new ones. The leaves are green, simple, alternate, ovate, up to 5 cm long by 2.5 cm wide, with a serrated and somewhat wavy edge.  In autumn the leaves take on a yellow hue before falling. It flowers in spring and the fruit that ripens in February-March is made up of 3 winged little nuts.


It is fast growing and does well in deep, moist, nutrient rich, neutral to acid pH, well drained soils. When young, the new trunk should be protected from direct sunlight. It can be managed with driving and cleaning pruning.

The oak or pellín is endemic to the temperate forests of Patagonia in southern Chile and some portions of southwestern Argentina.  


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