Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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Notro or Ciruelillo, fosforito, is a small evergreen tree that grows mainly in the Valdivian forests of Chilean Patagonia. It has a great ornamental value due to its beautiful flowering between ocher and intense red tones.

The  fruit  it is  follicle  dry, with about 10  seeds  inside. It usually appears as a small tree of about 4  m.  but can grow up to 12  m.  high in southern Chile. It has dark gray bark. Its wood is light pink in color, and because it is also very soft but resistant, it is used to make  spoons , kitchen containers and other handicrafts. Plum wood is also widely used in cabinetmaking and construction.  The bark is used in popular medicine as an analgesic and healing agent.  

Irrigation: medium

Light: sunny.

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