Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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The melí or white luma, corresponds to an evergreen evergreen tree species, present in the Patagonian forests of southern  Chile, which are highly valued for their high production of white flowers and citrus touches in the aroma.

Its simple, lanceolate leaves are interspersed with edible, shiny black berries, adapting to the Valdivian forest.  

Its trunk has a high ornamental and productive value, due to its similarity to the myrtle but in white tones and extremely hard.  It grows in moist and shady places.


Considering itself as a medicinal plant, the infusion of the leaves is used for dehydration, and it is also recommended to regulate high blood pressure and combat cholesterol. Its wood is very hard and preferably used for tool handles and firewood.


Irrigation: high

Light: sun and partial shade

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