Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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The lingue is a tree native to Chile and belongs to the Lauraceae family. This tree is a relative of the Persea americana avocado.  that gives the fruits of avocados or avocados. It is a tree that grows very upright when young, slowly widening its crown.

Evergreen tree that reaches a height of up to 30m and a diameter of up to 80cm, thick and rough bark of brown to ash color. Alternate elliptical leaves. Hermaphroditic flowers arranged in inflorescences of

3 - 6cm. The fruit is a black-violet drupe.


Distribution and Habitat: Lingue grows from Quillota to Chiloé (V to X region), below 900m asl, in both mountain ranges and the central valley. It lives in more or less deep soils. Frequent species in Forest Types; Sclerophyllum, Roble-Raulí-Coihue, Cordillera Cypress and Chilean Palm.

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