Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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The Coigue is a prominent and large tree that is characterized by its stylized and elegant shape. The Coigue is always green and stands out for its height, being able to reach more than 40 m in the South of Chile.


The trunk is straight, cylindrical and free of branches in the lower part. Its bark is grey, thin and with abundant longitudinal fissures. The branching is radiated and is arranged in horizontal planes. The foliage is a dense dark green, its persistent, coriaceous leaves, 2 to 4 cm long, have a lanceolate, somewhat rhomboid shape, with a serrated edge. Its fruit is made up of 3 small brown nuts. It grows rapidly in moist, nutrient-rich soils with a neutral to acid pH.

Its wood is of good quality for construction, carpentry, doors, closets, furniture in general, floors, parquet, table tops, stair steps, bridges, boats and props for mines. It is used mostly for construction and also for firewood.

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