Vivero plantas nativas frutillar.
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The ulmo is a beautiful evergreen tree that can reach a height of up to 40 m and its trunk, at the base, about 2 m in diameter. It is relatively fast growing. The gray-brown bark with longitudinal fissures does not come off easily. When it breaks, it takes on an intense red color, due to its high content of tannins. The trunk rises straight and slender within the forest. The crown branches are short, and when new they are covered with fine hairs.

It has simple, opposite leaves, oblong in shape, somewhat wavy, 2 to 6 cm long. Its flowers are hermaphrodite, solitary, white, rich in nectar, 4 to 5 cm in diameter and are born from the axils of the leaves. When the ulmos flower during the summer (January-February) they give the impression of being covered with snow.

Its fruit is an oblong, woody capsule that opens at maturity (March-April); the interior of each fruit segment contains 2-3 winged seeds that are spread by the wind.

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